Best diet for breed discus

Growth is about protein and carbs but also overall health, and providing foods with excellent sources of vitamins goes a long way. This was my signal to go in and separate the pair from the rest.

Discus Fish Care Guide

It is like blood to a shark to discus. This will ensure the breeding of discus happens as the tank will be clean. You will learn all of this information and more in the following article. The first was a spring well that never went dry which was located close to my Discus project.

Right after deposition, the male fish will fertilize the eggs. Pre-soaking will allow water absorption and expansion before you discus eats the food. Breeding Tank Since my pair of Discus showed clear signs of breeding soon, I moved them to another tank.

Plus doing it this way, you will be feeding the baby discus after one week of free swimming which is right. No plants as i didn't best diet for breed discus any parasites hopping along into my tank via the plants. Useful instructions to breed the discus Following is a step-by-step guide to breed discus fish successfully: Although it takes a bit of work, live foods is the way to go, plus you didn't get into keeping discus fish because it was easy.

The once small discus has grown up into suburb fish and paired off, selected a spawning site and laid eggs!! Contains natural ingredients like krill and silkworm pupa which promotes ready acceptance by even the most finicky eaters. The thing to remember is in some cases you may not have a second chance if you make an electrical mistake and get electrocuted.

Also water does not have to be heated. Because discus fish are difficult to sex while they are still young, you may need to wait until the fish mature and they may naturally pair off on their own. This can continue for up to 10 days Food and Its Role in 'Holes' and Other Symptoms In regards to healing the 'holes' that are present on a discus, or even 'curing' a flagellate infestation - it is often stated that all an individual needs to do is to increase the 'dietary value' of the food being fed to the fish.

Vacuum out any leftovers that are not eaten to avoid mucking up your water. Tetra baby food can also be used to bring on baby discus to a good size, okay this is not the fastest way to grow them, but if time is short feeding this way can be more convenient. So you can begin to see even if you are not at home all the time, it is possible to still breed discus on a large scale.

If your Discus is still eating, you can prepare a solution of ml water and 10 ml liquid Flagyl and soak its favorite food in it, e.

Granular food tends to fall into crevices, ornaments, and the gravel surface, making complete clean up difficult. We are not discus breeders, but purely water keepers.

Live Food Probably the closest your discus fish will come to eat what they find in nature, live foods are an amazing source of nutrition. · How to Breed Discus. Discus are quite difficult to care for and breed, and you may not achieve a high survival rate for the young on your first attempt.

One feature not found in most other aquarium species is the young fish's instinct to 95%(19). How to breed discus fish? When both male and female discus fish reach the age of sexual maturity, they will mate through spawning under appropriate water conditions.

Feed them with a healthy diet and keep them in a peaceful environment to encourage mating. · The best way to ensure you get a pair of Discus is if you put 8 adults in to a tank and let them pair out.

You are guaranteed to get a pair.

Breeding Discus Fish

By the way, remember it is very bad to breed new adults as early breeding can stunt the growth of your fish. It will also inhibit the number of eggs you can get when compared to breeding mature vsfmorocco.coms: Because Discus Fish (Symphysodon) prefer to choose their own mates, aquarists who hope to breed Discus usually buy several specimens () at a young age.

Breeding Discus Fish. Many Hobbyists discus breeders in the UK have tried to breed discus and had very little or no luck with their venture.

Many give up and blame the fish, saying they can’t be bred and very hard to breed. · How to set up a discus breeding tank @ Best aquarium size for breeding [email protected] Painting the discus breeding aquarium @ Decorations in the discus breeding aquarium @ How to make a d Author: The king of DIY.

Best diet for breed discus
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